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Our objective is to provide answers and profits Clients crossing the whole extent of their Personal Financial Planning that are Value Driven, Customized and Long Term.
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About Khwahish Investments

Khwahish means desire. Every individual wealthy or middle class, whether has just started earning or has retired, has various desires in different stages of his life. These desires can be anything like having a grand wedding, owning a luxury car, foreign education of children, buying a dream house or financial security of family . We, at Khwahish Investments, help you to achieve your desires through our specialised financial planning and detailed risk profiling and understanding your Khwahish. For us, each individual, whether a small or a big investor, is a priority customer and our aim is to help you achieve your dreams. Our financial planning is not standard for all but customised for each individual, keeping multiple aspects in mind like age, earnings, risk appetite, goals to be achieved. We don’t believe in one size fits all approach.

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No need to take the extra effort and remember your security questions. Our 2 factor authentication process ensures the safety and security of your trading account.

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No need to worry about tracking the market. Our proprietary models evaluate thousands of stocks, commodities, derivatives and mutual funds for you.

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We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations and contribute to your success.

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The demonetization impact on GDP may actually be beneficial..

On November 08th 2016, when Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, announced the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, it was met with mixed reactions.

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Rupee forward market versus INR futures market

If you are familiar with banking and international trade, you would surely be familiar with the concept of a forward cover. A forward cover is the most basic form of a forward contract.

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Learn how to trade in USD INR Pair Contract in Currency Market

For a very long time, the only way Indian businesses could hedge their currency exposure was to approach their banks for buying a forward cover in the OTC forward market.

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